Driver (All Series)Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP v.4.1606R4 (release date: 20160701)
Mac OSX v.4.1606R3 (release date: 20160701)
Ubuntu / Fedora v.4.1606 (release date: 20160701)
* Linux Compatibility Guide
Software Application
• AirScreen
AirScreen Server for iStick
AirScreen Server for PC
AirScreen Client
Magic 3D PPT
• Download Demos for Windows
Download PQ Labs Multi-Touch Demo Pack
Media Viewer, Google Earth (Demo Manual), Jet Engine (Demo Manual),
Data Visual, Area Scheme, Magic Photo Fire*, Flash Lightning*
* The Adobe® AIR® runtime (download from is required to run this application.
• Download Demos for Mac OS X
Google Earth, Magic Photo
Software DevelopmentPQ Labs Multi-Touch SDK (C / WPF / C# / Flash / Java)
Windows Native Touch
Multi-Touch Wall
Mechanical Drawing
Touch Wall Interactive Design Tool
• Multi-Touch Wall
70" (NEC P701 & Samsung 700DXN-2)
82" (NEC LCD8205 & Samsung 820DXN-2)
85" (Panasonic TH-85PF12)
103" (Panasonic TH-103PF12)