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PQ Labs & RP Visual Strategic Partnership

PQ Labs announced strategic partnership with RP Visual Solutions.

"Erlebnis Energie" St. Veit

THISPLAY equipped an infotainment center in Austria with a touch wall, a touch floor and 6 touch screens powered by PQ Labs.

PQ Labs product in France3

A big coffee table, powered by PQ Labs Multi-Touch technology, in France3 13h avec vous dans le sud ouest programme.

PQ Labs product showcased in Adobe Max

Sia Interactive showcased PQ Labs Multi-Touch product in Adobe Max 2010 on October 23-27, Los Angeles, CA.

PQ Labs product showcased by SpotOn

SpotOn showcased PQ Labs Multi-Touch products in TechnoMart InnoMart 2010 and Digital Sign Asia 2010.

PQ Labs product demoed in MediaShow 2010

Think Media showcased PQ Labs Multi-Touch products as exclusive distributor in Saudi Media Show 2010 (Oct. 10th-12th, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Booth #55 & #56)

Collaborative Painting on the Multi-Touch Wall

One iPad to mix the paint and a group of students with some brushes, a roller, a duster or bare fingers to paint on PQ Labs Multi-Touch wall. And you get a naïve painting.

Trade Show Example in Thailand

PQ Labs Multi-Touch technology was showcased by SpotOn Interactive at TRAFS 2010, Thailand.

PQ Labs Product Demoed in Ukraine

PQ Labs Multi-Touch iTable showcased by Touch Me in REX 2010, Ukraine.

Multi-Touch in GPU Technology Conference

Working with Nvidia, PQ Labs brings Multi-Touch to GPU Technology Conference to help people find right information within fingers.