Print Email, Doc & Web to the Big Screen

Right from your iPhone / iPad

No App Required

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Print Email to the Big Screen

Collaboration and Group Discussion

Print to the big screen so you can discuss and collaborate with team members. An app is not required; just "Print" to the big screen in your conference room as using any network printer.

Print Docs to the Big Screen

Instead of Sharing, Hardcopy

Now you have a new option to print your documents; print it to an interactive big screen instead of paper. 4K Ultra-HD touch screen offers crystal sharp screen image of your documents and it's large enough for team discussion.

Print Web Pages to the Big Screen

Unlimited Online Resources, Instantly Sharable.

Brainstorm with your team mates, find and research information online from your iPhone and "Print" it to the large screen instantly.

Print Pictures to the Big Screen

Capture, Share and Take Notes

Sharing pictures you've captured with your iPhone during your business trip with team mates using the Magic Printer is simple and easy. When you "Print" to an G5 interactive big screen, you can zoom in and out to see every detail of your pictures, and take notes on your pictures with a PQ Labs Active Stylus.