4K Class Touch FidelityWatch Video

4K Touch Fidelity Breakthrough

Raising the bar of the Ultimate Touch Experience

  • Designed for 4K displays.
  • Smooth & high-precision multi-touch control.
  • Beautiful sketch & handwriting.

Detects 1.5mm Pen Tip

The G5 is advancing large format touch screen accuracy to a new level. With the development of the G5 4K technology, the G5 is now able to handle more precise applications like never before. Say goodbye to thick capacitive touch pen and using your familiar pen or pencil again.


Active & Passive Stylus

Any stylus can be used as a passive pen

The Active Stylus pen (with built-in battery) is pressure sensitive providing an enhanced drawing and writing experience similar to standard pen and paper.

Active Stylus
  • Print to Interactive Touch Wall / Display

    Buy G5 Touch Screen and get a FREE Interactive Wireless Printer

    Print email attachments / pictures / web pages from your Phone or Tablet onto a BIG screen for interactive presentation. No need to install software or driver on the portable device. Guests can simply come in, print and share their ideas on the BIG screen instantly. The G5 Touch Screen acts as a normal Wireless Printer to print anything that can be printed (e.g. PPT, PDF, Word, Excel, notes, pictures, maps).

    * Magic Printer SDK will be available later. The SDK allows you to integrate Magic Printer function into your own software applications. Watch Video

    Outdoor Full-Angle Anti-Sunlight

    180 Degree

    All day, Strongest sunlight (150,000 lux ≈ 13,900 foot-candle)

    Sunrise - Noon - Sunset


    360 Degree

    Display facing any orientations:
    East, West, North, South, etc.

    HID Support

    No need to install driver

    USB Powered

    250 FPS, Lightning Speed

    Higher FPS, Smoother Curve

    Touch screens with a higher refresh rate provides a faster response to your movements. Furthermore, it detects even the slightest actions, offering more accurate data positioning with very little latency giving the G5 Touch Screens the capability to draw very smooth & accurate curves.