The Thinnest IR Touch Screen

The latest PQ Labs G4S Multi-Touch overlay not only boasts a finger-width frame size, it also incorporates over three years’ product improvements and innovation. With its incredible coin thickness and near-flush surface design, G4S offers an elegant and accurate touch experience for both integration and as an overlay to an existing monitor.

Celebrating 3 Years of Technology Advancement:

• 2010 - Finger Width Slim Bezel (G3 Integration Kit)

• 2012 - Coin Thickness (G4S)

Thinnest Multi-Touch Screen

High Performance up to 200 fps

Now with the benefit of the 4th generation of PQ Labs Cell Imaging Technology, the G4S touts a sample rate of up to 200 fps. The high refresh rate and short response time ensure smooth drawing and accurate touch gestures.

sample rate up to 200FPS
high refresh rate

Smoothest Touch Screen Glass

PQ Labs patented ultra-smooth Mighty Glass presents the icy-sleek touch experience. As tested, Mighty Glass is 2 times smoother than the new iPad and 12 times smoother than ordinary touch-screen products. Once you start touching the new surface, you will never want to go back to ordinary touch screen glass again.

icy-sleek touch experience

USB Powered

High-end optical chips embedded in the G4S overlays lowers power consumption while increasing performance at the same time. Overlays below or equal to 46" can be powered through the USB connection providing simplified installation and more design flexibility.

go green

Waterproof For Free

The patented design of the G4S is waterproof which exceeds the IP64 Waterproof standards at no extra cost. In addition, customization to the IP66 Waterproof standard is also available.

IP64 Waterproof
No extra charge
IP66 Waterproof
Standard ProductCustomization Needed
Customer Easy AssemblyFactory Pre-Assembled
Protect against splashing
water at all angles
Protect against powerful jet
(12 mm nozzle)
Separate Packages
(Glass & Overlay)
Single Package
true waterproof

Robust, Plug & Play

The G4S is a plug-and-play ready product with a redesigned structure that makes it stronger and more robust and with connectors that have been tested to survive over 2,000 repeated assemblies. It is the ideal product for presentation, digital signage and product and service exhibition due to its convenience and reliability in transportation and assembly.

Better Sensor Sensitivity

Compared with the G4, the IR sensor area of G4S is 2.5 times larger, enabling it to capture more signals with less noise. With an enlarged sensor area, the G4S delivers higher performance with lower power consumption.

Better IR Sensitivity

Protected by More Than 40 New Patents

The G4S is built upon our latest research innovations in touch point tracking, hardware design, packaging, manufacturing and assembly. As PQ Labs is the leading technology inventor in the Multi-Touch industry, the G4S is fully loaded with new technologies.

Technology Aggregation

Wireless Display & Wireless Touch (New)

Use the G4S with an iStick and AirScreen to setup a conference or presentation completely wirelessly with multi-touch functionality. All content from Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android devices can be wirelessly presented to the screen without the need for any cables. Interactive multi-touch control of all content makes the discussion more interesting and effective. It’s a must-have future technology and product for you conference room.

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Complete Solution with iStickiStick is a finger sized computer with multi-touch and 3D acceleration providing a complete solution for digital signage and touch tables. The iStick is fully optimized for the G4S overlay.
Best IR Solution for Touch Tables The G4S is the slimmest IR Multi-Touch solution for touch tables. G4S comes with IP64 Waterproof (customizable to IP66 Waterproof) function and enhanced ambient light resistance to offer the best multi-touch solution for touch tables.
Ideal for Digital Signage The G4S is designed for your digital signage solution. It’s slim, powerful, and also the most reliable overlay we’ve ever built.