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PQ Labs Multi-Touch Screen supports Windows 8


NUITEQ Snowflake showing on PQ Labs G3 Plus


PQ Labs and NUITEQ brings true Multi-Touch multi-user experience to gaming.



Multi-Touch Presentation from PQ Labs


PQ Labs and IntuiLab bring true Multi-Touch to presentation area. Create presentation without any coding with IntuiFace Presentation Composer, and Control your information by fingers



Google Earth



Magic Photo Book

Play with photos and animate it. Not just zoom in and zoom out. Multi-Touch powered by PQ Window software can do a lot more to directly manipulate objects and photos.



The Ultimate Gaming Experience - Multi-Touch Warcraft


Multi-Touch is not just about multiple fingers. It's all about human-computer interaction in the most intuitive way. In the Multi-Touch Warcraft game powered by PQ Labs, finger and fist are mapped to different actions. Hitting the enemy with your fist means attack. In between the real world and the virtual world, Multi-Touch is your bridge. You can physically interact with the virtual world without menus, commands. The interface just disappears. With PQ Labs Multi-Touch G², interaction becomes a "REAL" digital illusion.


Magic Painting - Multi-Touch G² Touch Screen


Navigate in the virtual world, using just fingers. Great for museums, real estate, architecture planning, 3D games, etc.